This website is about technology, architecture, and engineering. Here you can find my thoughts and opinions about a variety of topics including but not limited to technical architecture, cloud computing, data architecture, software engineering, algorithms, data engineering, big data, machine Learning, artificial intelligence, devops, continuous delivery, microservices, etc.


Hi there, My name is Abhishek Tiwari (ティワリ アビシェク).

I am technologist with polymath background. I started my career in digital biology and now I work on all things digital.

I build real-time polyglot applications with big data in the cloud. I enjoy working on complex domain specific problems and provide bespoke solutions.

I offer a delicate balancing act between bleeding edge technologies (big data, cloud, polyglot, real-time, mobile) and delivering technical products to provide real business values.

I am deeply passionate about data-driven digital solutions and continuous delivery of digital ideas.

I am also interested in Lizards, Elephants, Bioinformatics, and 日本.

Elsewhere: Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn,, ExpertFile, Coderwall,, Speaker Deck, Slideshare.

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This is a personal website and all opinions expressed here are my own and not those of my current or previous employers or partners I work or worked with.

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Currently, I work for Isentia as Solutions Manager / Head of Engineering. I am also CTO and co-founder of Datamotives.


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